Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome to the the SCHLOCK ZONE!


I'm your hostess, Mistress Evili (pronounced Eh-vah-lee).  Get that straight or I'll introduce you to a specialty meat shoppe where you'll become a nice chunk of ground round.  Or, speaking of organ grinders, maybe you'd like to become one of those cute monkeys with the little hats and little cups?

Welcome to the theater of my mind, where all the little ghosts and ghoulies were sent packing because they weren't scary enough!

I've put together a selection of twisted tales designed to channel your inner sociopath.  What?  You think those thoughts you have about killing and maiming were yours alone to think?  Well, think again, munchkins.  I've been witness to every dark dream you've every dreamt!  I'm here to reward that twisted little demon that you try to safeguard in the back of your mind.  These "movies" are here to entice, tantalize, and scandalize the darkness that resides within you.

I've assembled cannibals and creatures, butchers and behemoths, evil scientists and dark-hearted wizards.  They're all here for you to enjoy.

You do enjoy the darkness, don't you?