Marcus is having a bad day.

It's hard work launching a new band in this digital age, but he's taken a gamble, borrowed the cash from Yevgeny Dolgov (a vampiric mafia boss fresh out of Romania, see told you it was bad) to finance an album, some promotion, maybe even a tour, only Yevgeny's got different ideas. He wants Marcus to make his girl Aura a star and will do anything to help her on the way, including whacking the Fortunate Friday's right in the middle of the studio with most of the tracks still unrecorded.

That's a bad day. No doubt about it. Bad. Especially for the Fortunate Fridays (the unfortunate band who didn't make it all the way to Friday) but it's not so good for Marcus either. He's up to his neck (a bad place to be with a vampiric mobster) in brown stuff.

He's got two choices, run, or make the girl a star. Only the girl's not a girl, she's a siren, and running isn't really an option. Surrounded by sex demons, undead mob enforcers and a neighbour who is slowly transmogrifying into a cockroach, Marcus's day is about to get a whole lot worse.

Still at least the girl can sing, even if she is a suicidal siren singing the Blues.

Next stop Wembley.

"So funny it made me want to pop a cap in their asses." Fat Tony

"These wise guys will end up swimming with the fishes. Mark my words. We're talking concrete boots. Think they're clever. I'll show them who's clever. Me. That's who's clever. Not them punks. Dead Records. Pah. Dead Writers more like." Vinnie the Original Wise Guy

"We made 'em an offer they couldn't refuse, and these morons refused. What you gonna do? Buy the book, that's what youse gonna do. Capisce?" Vito, the Godfather.
"We travel the back roads of America, looking for demons and the undead to kill.  There's not a farmstead, barn, abandoned building, or salvage yard that we won't investigate.  We're bounty hunters of the paranormal, seeking the rusted and dirty antiques that evil spirits love to hid in.  One monster at a time, we're taking them down."

Chupacabra.  Blood sucker.  A word and creature that's completely misunderstood.  Mostly because the chupacabra is an evil that resides inside all of us.  An  evil awakened by our own fears and prejudice.  A stark truth about human nature demanding to be revealed.
Shortly after Pearl Harbor, Stanley Park and his family are imprisoned at the Manzanar War Relocation Center.  During a failed escape attempt, Stanley's attacked by a pack of rabid coyotes and falls into the airshaft of a radium mine, causing him to lose control when his fight or flight instinct takes over.
Follow the injustices that stalk Stanley through 1940s America and fighting overseas for the famed 442 Infantry Battalion.  War can turn anyone into a monster, but can Stanley regain his control when he returns home from war?

In the near future, after The Collapse, work is hard to come by.  The economy is in ruins, much like the city crumbling around Janet, a woman who has lost everything -- her husband, her job...her leg.
When the lure of a job brings her out on the increasingly dangerous streets she must confront the deadliest of new fears -- the bands of cannibals who roam the city.
With a ragtag group of bikers, strippers, and survivors, Janet must face down the most dangerous night of her life.  When dawn comes, not everyone will live to see a new day and dance at the Stripper Pole At The End Of The World.

 In the backwoods of Kentucky, danger crawls up from the earth, twisting its way through the saw grass and around the spreading roots of the coffee trees, hiding in the mist that clings to the lakeshore...waiting.
WORMS...they're fishing for trouble.

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